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Private Security Services

If you are residing anywhere in or around California and in the need of protection and security, then you might consider the most capable security service provider in town – The American Rangers Protective & Private Security. California Private Patrol Operator (License No: 18045).We offer security guards, officers and security personnel for safeguarding a number of firms that include:

  • Construction sites for commercial projects
  • Private or government buildings and complexes
  • Manufacturing Plants and Industries
  • Offices and Utility Service Yards
  • Offices and Utility Service Yards
  • Schools, colleges and institutions
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Retail shops
  • Distributor centres
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Vehicle dealerships and outlets
  • Churches and other religious places
  • Children parks and public centres 

American Rangers protective Security service offers Guards,

Security Officers and Bodyguards

With the increased rate of thefts and crimes, the need of proper security is of utmost importance. A good security service ensures that all your belongings are safeguarded from intruders or people with harmful intentions.

If you are residing anywhere near Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica, or the Los Angeles County, rest assured as you have the best security service company to help you with the task of protection.

The American Rangers Protective & Private Security, registered to California Private Patrol Operator License #18045, offers a large range of security-based services starting from property safeguarding to executive protection. Here are the 5 impeccable reasons that should convince you in choosing us for matters regarding protection.

Provide security guards for safeguarding various types of properties

American Rangers Protective Security services employs versatile security guards who are capable enough to safeguard different types of buildings, infrastructures and private or government properties.

Whether it is a Construction site, parking garage, business parks, utility service yards, private or government complexes, or self-storage complexes, the security guards employed to take care of the places are well capable of handling adverse situations.

Employ security personnel and officers to implement security measures

If you are fearing the theft of property, you can rest assured as we are here to protect your cause. We employ a number of security officers who would minutely take care of every detailing in and around your property and implement optimum measures for security. All security personnel are well-trained and individually registered to rule out possibilities of fraud.

Assign body guards for executive protection

No matter what might be the cause of life threat to you, we have capable body guards to protect you from any extreme threat, whatsoever. Our executive protection services are well known all over California and we assign the best body guards for your security, irrespective of your status, wealth or employment. This is to ensure that anyone who opts for our services are provided equal attention like others.

Special security for school, colleges and hospitals

When it comes to safeguarding schools and colleges that houses a number of innocent individuals, the American Rangers Protective Security services are always stays a step ahead in providing the best possible protection.

Generally these institutions are vulnerable to attacks due to lack of in-house arms and hence we take special care and attention in protecting them. Similarly hospitals, too, are vulnerable to threats or attacks because of the same reason.

Our security measures for safeguarding such places include assigning well-trained and well-experienced guards with licensed fire arms and rigging the buildings with security cameras to look through any suspicious activity.

Availability of security supervisors 24X7

One of the best reasons for choosing us over any other security service company is that our security supervisors are available throughout the day to assist you in matters of protection and security and instantly assign guards for the same. They are fluent in speaking both English and Spanish and would implement proper measures to take care of your problem.

Want to opt for our security services? Feel free to give us a call at (213) 374-5416.

Services Offered 

    • Unarmed Security Guard
      • Armed Security Guard
        • Foot, Bike, and Golf Cart Patrol
          • Standing Guards

Want to opt for our security services? Feel free to give us a call at (213) 374-5416.

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